ISBN: 0-9741136-4-6, Soft Cover, 6" x 9" , 168 pages.

Dick Vitale

It's Awesome, Baby!
Endorsed by Dick Vitale:
"If you love sports like I do, you will enjoy Pete's Handbook of Mascots and Nicknames".
"It's Awesome, Baby!"

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Want to know the nickname for Amherst College? Do you know the mascot for Ohio University? At last, a reference guide that lists 1,500 US senior colleges and universities, 740 US junior and community colleges, over 115 Canadian institutions, as well as Puerto Rican institutions.

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Several years of research and investigation went into
the making of this great resource that will supply the
layman and sports enthusiast with a "quick and easy"
reference for fun and games. Referenced and cross-referenced, the book is divided as follows:

The Handbook of Mascots and Nicknames
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Also Included are some of the origins of the Nicknames and Mascots listed in the book.

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  • United States Senior Colleges and Universities listed by Institution and by     Nickname/Mascot.
  • United States Junior and Community Colleges listed by Institution and by     Nickname/Mascot.
  • Canadian Junior, Senior, and Community Colleges listed by Institution and by     Nickname/Mascot
  • Puerto Rican Colleges and Universities listed by Institution